August 10, 2005

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Headlines (4:57)
Iran has broken a the final UN seals at its nuclear plant Isfahan to continue uranium enrichment activities. The move comes members of the International Atomic Energy Agency hold urgent talks on Iran’s decision. Haider Rizvi has more from the UN.

Israel and Palestine agreed to crucial last minute decisions on the pullout. Manar Jibreen reports.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave land titles to 6 indigenous groups to reverse years of injustice.  Greg Wilpert has more from Caracas

President Bush recess appointed, Eric Edelman to the number 3 position at the Pentagon. Michael Dang has more.

House Republicans oppose a provision that would open the Artic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling to be included in a budget package.  In a letter, 2 dozen lawmakers said they would have serious concerns about a budget bill that would authorize developing ANWAR.  Of the 34.7 billion dollar bill, the Resources Committee must cut 2.7 billion dollars in programs under its authority.  Lawmakers want to make the budget bill as easy to pass as possible, citing ANWAR could add to the complications. ANWAR was not included in the energy bill that the President signed earlier this week partly because of the controversey that comes with it.

John Robert’s New Corporate Backers (4:03)
President Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court John Roberts, has picked up a powerful endorsement today: Corporate America. The National Association of Manufacturers announced that it will work to get John Roberts confirmed by the Senate. As a corporate lawyer, Roberts has represented such companies as Toyota and FOX. The National Association of Manufacturers says it believes Roberts would be sensitive to the business community’s needs as a Supreme Court Justice. Mitch Jeserich has more from Washington.

Activists in DC Back Cindy Sheehan’s Request to Meet with Bush (1:55)
A group of activists representing Iraq war veterans and their families gathered today in front of the White House to express their support for Cindy Sheehan, who lost lost her son in the Iraq war. As Anastasia Gnezditskaia reports, Sheehan is camping near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, demanding answers from the President on why this happened. Reverent Lennox Yearwood explins how Sheehan was informed that her son was killed.

Reaction from Cuba on Cuban Five Granted New Trial (3:19)
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the convictions of 5 Cubans yesterday, 3 of whom were accused of conspiracy to commit espionage in what Cuba and the United Nations say was an unfair trial. The 3 justices on the appeals court agreed and ordered a new one. Joseph Mutti reports reactions from Cuba.

Severe Food Crisis on the African Continent (3:04)
The World Food Program is trying to distribute food to 2.5 million people affected by the food crisis in the West African State of Niger.The United Nations warns that millions of people in other African countries are also facing a severe food shortage. The UN wants to eradicate extreme hunger by 2015 under its millennium development goals- but international commitment to combat hunger in Africa is doubtful. Sam Olukoya reports, from Lagos.

Mumia Abu Jamal Commentary: When Raising Consciousness Ain’t Enough(4:30)
This commentary is on the food shortage in Niger.

Judicial System Failing Rape Victims in Britain (3:01)
A British study into the attrition rates in rape cases has found that it is now much more difficult to convict than ever before. The study found an increasing number of plaintiffs drop their cases even before reaching court, leading to concerns that the present judicial system is failing to protect rape victims. Helen Kelly reports from London.

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