Barring court action, nearly all Texas abortion clinics to close September 1

Reproductive rights advocates have been in the streets in Louisiana and Texas this week, protesting laws that could shutter nearly all health clinics providing abortion services in their respective states. Barring court intervention, the laws take effect on Monday.

In Louisiana, clinic physicians would be required to have hospital admitting privileges. A federal appeals court overturned a similar law in Mississippi last month, but in that case the state’s only abortion provider would have been forced to shutter, leaving women there with no options.

In Texas, the law goes further and much of it has already taken effect. The last piece is a mandate that abortion clinics meet that same strict standards as same day surgical centers. FSRN’s Nell Abram spoke with Andrea Grimes, Senior Political Reporter at RH Reality Check.


Andrea Grimes is Senior Political Reporter at She joined us from Austin, Texas.

(Photo Credit: scATX via Flickr Creative Commons)

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