Gaza ceasfire holds; crossings not yet fully open and schools to run on shifts

A ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel reached earlier this week seems to be holding. When news of the deal broke, Gazans took to the streets in celebration. Afterword, many began to grapple with the reality of trying to reclaim some semblance of normal life.

The ceasefire provides for more open border crossings and gives the Palestinian Authority control of both the borders and of Gaza reconstruction projects. The agreement also slightly expands the fishing area off the Gaza Coast and narrows the so-called buffer zone along the border fence. FSRNs Nell Abram speaks with Gaza-based correspondent Rami Almeghari.


Rami, first … the deal. What did Gazans really get here? Do more border crossings actually mean more goods getting into the territory?

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FSRN’s Rami Almeghari lives in and reports from the Gaza Strip.

(Photo Credit: ISM Palestine via Flickr Creative Commons)

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