Funerals for Dallas officers continue through the week

(Photo Credit: C-Span screenshot)

Demands for policing reform and accountability are growing, as protesters stayed in the streets and mourners turned out to remember the seven people slain last week in spiraling racial violence across the United States. FSRN’s Nell Abram has more.

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President Barack Obama traveled to Dallas Tuesday, where he attended a memorial service for the five police officers killed by 25-year-old lone-gunman Micah Johnson last Thursday.

ent Barack Obama ,” Obama said during his remarks at the service. “And although we know that such divisions are not new, though they’ve surely been worse in even the recent past, that offers us little comfort. Faced with this violence, we wonder if the divides of race in America can ever be bridged.”

In Dallas, residents lined the streets this week as motorcades and processions accompanied caskets to graves for funeral services that continue until Saturday.

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