Slideshow: Protests outside the DNC

As the contentious Democratic National Convention kicked off Monday in Philadelphia, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the platform of Hillary Clinton and the party in general. Some marches were issue oriented, focusing on things like climate change, immigrants’ rights,  economic and racial justice. Smaller actions convened on issues like political prisoners, health care and marijuana legalization. A majority of demonstrators were supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders and many said they refused to support Clinton, even after being endorsed by Sanders.

Philadelphia’s City Hall was surrounded by people from all across the country who converged to express their discontent with the current political state of affairs. One march wound from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center, the site of the convention. Police arrested dozens during the people’s protests in the streets outside the official events. FSRN’s Andalusia Knoll was there, and shares her view of the actions.

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