Slideshow: Street performers defend community against bulldozers and high rise plans

  • 1_Kathputli
    Paramilitary troopers and police are now everywhere in the streets of Kathputli (Puppeteers') Colony.
  • 2_ Kathputli
    Municipal workers are no longer servicing the area and garbage piles up on the streets.
  • 3_ Kathputli
    City offials have been meeting with residents to try to persuade them to move out. A flat screen monitor shows a rendering of high rises planned for the area.
  • 6_Kathputli
    The Kathputli Colony is reputedly the world's largest neighborhood of traditonal artists and street performers. A resident addresses the media.
  • 9_ Kathputli
    Kathputli residents gather to protest home demolitions and forced relocations. Many do not trust government promises of discounted housing in the planned new development.
  • 10_Kathputli
    Residents crowd around a bulldozer that has begun demolishing a wall to force it to retreat.
  • 11_Kathputli
    Rubble from demolished homes turn into a layer of garbage left to accumulate to pressure residents to leave.

All photos by Bismillah Geelani. Hear/read his accompanying radio report.

See the Puppeteers’ Colony as it was prior to the start of demolition.

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