April 22, 2002

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Report from Jenin
In Jenin, attention is now focusing on the rescue and salvage efforts as  Israeli officials desperately scramble to explain the alleged war crimes committed in the Jenin refugee camp as the international anger over the devastation rose to new heights yesterday. With this report from Jenin is International Peace Observor Kristen Shurr.

Fascists Rise in France
The far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen snatched second place in the French presidential election yesterday, eliminating the Socialist Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin. Mr. Le Pen wants to pull France out of the European Union and NATO, stop immigration and restore the death penalty. Demonstrators took to the streets of Paris and many other French cities last night to denounce Jean-Marie Le Pen as did many European Union leaders. From Paris, Nick Champeaux files this report.

100,000 Protest War in Washington
Up to a hundred thousand protesters hit the streets of the nation’s capitol on Saturday to voice their opposition to U.S. policy at home and abroad. Reporter Melinda Tuhus was in DC and filed this report.

Media and the Coup in Venezuela
Most of us woke up on Friday morning two weeks ago to the news that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had resigned his presidency, was being held in a safe place and that there was a new interim government. For those of us in the media, we immediately began calling Venezuela to find out what was happening. What most people seemed to know in Venezuela was not much different from what we were reading here on the major news wires service, The Associated Press; Chavez was obliged to resign and there is a new interim regime. It is now coming to light that not only did major media do a disservice to Venezuelans in not reporting and in fact fabricating the events of the coup, the major media in the United States did not hesitate in following suit. Deepa Fernandes has this report.

Gay Dorm to Open at UVM
Gay students at the University of Vermont will have their own part of a student dorm next year…. Chris Bracken reports from Burlington

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