December 24, 2003 – The Private Prison Industry in America Today

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The Private Prison Industry is currently the largest and continually expanding industry in the United States. In addition to local and state governments, a large number of corporations and individuals profit from the industry. While historically African Americans, and more recently, Latinos, have provided cheap labor for prisons, in the last couple of years the target has become various immigrant groups. The Department of Justice, more than ever influenced by a free market economy, has allowed the enactments of laws that allow the mass roundups of immigrants. The Anti-terrorist Act of 1996, singed by president Clinton, was followed by Bush’s enactment of the Patriot Act of 2001 after the 9/11 tragedy. FSRN’s Simba Russeau brings us this special documentary “The Private Prison Industry in America Today”, the voices of African Americans, Latinos and  various immigrants who have fallen victim to the present day market of prison profits and cheap labor.  

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