Q&A: Is the fracking boom a bubble that’s about to pop?

A fracking site in western Pennsylvania. (Photo Credit: Melinda Tuhus)

The practice of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas from shale formations has been both a lucrative and controversial practice. Energy companies say fracking technologies have allowed the U.S. to gain greater energy independence at home and become a top exporter of natural gas abroad. Environmentalists charge the practice will have profoundly negative consequences on clean air and water for generations to come. In the more immediate future, some financial analysts are warning that the fracking boom is a bubble that’s about to pop.  For more on the topic, FSRN’s Shannon Young spoke with Steve Horn, a Wisconsin-based Research Fellow for DeSmogBlog and a freelance investigative journalist.

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More: “Federal Reserve Policy Keeps Fracking Bubble Afloat and That May Change Soon” by Steve Horn

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